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Independent Pop Rock Artist/multi instrumentalist "Deeder" is back and taking it to a new level
with his fourth single "Make the World" to kick-start the fall of 2020. Make the World is a big and
powerful Alternative Pop Rock Anthem with a focus on motivation, inspiration and making people
believe in themselves. For this song, Deeder wanted to experiment more with adding many interesting sounds from guitars and keyboards
to create a great atmosphere that suited the meaning and feeling of the song. This has made this song a bit different from earlier
songs and shows a different direction and side from Deeder that you must hear.

Deeder is an independent musician, singer-songwriter, mixer and producer from Stockholm, Sweden.
Creating songs from his home studio in Stockholm. Describing the majority of the music simple as Pop Rock
with a lot of his influences combined from Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Post-Punk and New Wave.
The songwriting is about all the questions and thoughts in his head, resulting in all kinds of feelings, from despair to hope.
According to his own saying Deeder wants to create music that represents life.

β€œDeeder has a different style of rock, but he's proven in his music that Rock is not dead and still lives in his soul!” - WITNESSTHEFAME
Deeder Music.

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