Marcus Sayzer – Full Circle (Official Music Video)

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Video Description:
Enter the Golden Abyss, where thoughts become visual. Sleepless nights with negative notions, stuck in between a dream and reality. That moment when everything comes "full circle" and as difficult and uncomfortable as it is, you realize that you have to let go and let the universe do its work.

This is the debut music video by Marcus Sayzer and will be live on 11/17

Full Circle Description:
With an emotional & sonic twist on pop music, alternative singer-songwriter, rapper & producer Marcus Sayzer breaks down genre boundaries. Hypnotic, dreamlike synths intertwine with a powerful bass & catchy vocal melody to put you in a trance. Full Circle gently draws you and spits you right back out. I hope you enjoy this song.

Artist Bio

I was...

a screamer/singer in a band.
Ulcerated and hemorrhaged vocal folds forced me to leave what I loved behind. ('06-'09)
Depressed and self-medicating, I found another outlet- rapping. (09'-'12)
Inspiration from different scenes and artists shaped my music towards bass music with vocals. ('12-'15)
Still battling mental health issues, I took a break from creating. ('15-'18)

I am...

incessantly motivated.
A creative.
My voice won’t be silenced again.
Turning feelings into sounds through music with the hope that it touches someone else.

This journey is to show that we are not alone. Marcus Sayzer Music.

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