Medicine by 2112

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Whether you would describe it as R&B, Hip - Hop or a fusion of both!!! - we have to give credit where it is due. These newcomers on the scene, hailing from the North of Johannesburg South Africa have certainly pioneered a wave with their new single titled "Medicine".

Comprising of the 2 artists Cesar(czar) and Ronin, this long anticipated duo began with speculation in the previous years by the teasing of the very infamous purple artwork designed by these two creatives. Not much has been revealed by the duo of what's to come - but we can only imagine that their fans are quite content with this release.... FOR NOW!!

The Souncloud Release pre dates 2 weeks back on the 21st of July, judging from the looks of it the duo are doing pretty well for their first ever release (check out their soundcloud in links below).
The official release that will be available on all platforms is set to be on the 21st of August (what's up with these guys and 21??) so stay tuned and make sure you make that pre - order through the link below!! 2112 Music.

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