Music For The Movies – Alternative Rap – Theleastimportant

This project is the 3rd album by theleastimportant following β€œPest” and β€œDeath of a Rapper”. It illustrates the artist growing artistic ability to formulate surreal stories within his lyrical compositions. Theleastimportant shows us his growth through new alternative beats and funky wordplay. The variation of different sounds gives us the idea that he is taking a different path in his music and his life. The title β€œMusic for the Movies” is an illustration of his passion and the stories he tells within these songs is a reflection of that, making remarks that suggest a story which could likely be a continuation of his previously mentioned albums. His evolution and versatility in this new project shows us that he’s not done showing us his creative differences and determination to be unidentifiable to the norm. Theleastimportant Music.

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