Nothing Like Before

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Nav Sandhu teamed up with Gur Sidhu to produce the album, "Nothing Like Before" which has garnered millions of fans and streams on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, and more. Check out the album on Spotify today!

About the producer

With his work as a music executive and record producer, Nav Sandhu has made a name for himself in the Punjabi music business and has shown that he is capable of producing successful records. Nav was able to reach millions of listeners all around the world within a few years after starting his career as a producer with Brown Town Music. With the release of Nothing Like Before, the record producer gained the respect of music fans all around the globe, and his subsequent works have continued to get a positive response from audiences to this day. Please see the list of streaming sites below to see Nav Sandhu's most recent production, Nothing Like Before, in its entirety.
Nav Sandhu Music.

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