On The Low

Fierce, energetic, furious. That’s the best way to describe Law’s upcoming single β€œOn The Low”. After his performance at the Black Artist Appreciation Day hosted by Samy Deluxe, Law returns with his vigorous side and brings another head-bobbing banger to the table.

In his song Law states clearly that he has no time and energy to waste on people who try to hold him back. In his lyrics he talks about the modern-day rap scene and how common it has become to portray a lifestyle that’s not ours just because it’s trendy. All in all the song is mainly about the wordplay, the punchlines and the energy in Law’s playful delivery.

The mysterious beat produced by Jerry Divmond, who had worked with remarkable German Artists like Fero47 and Nazar, goes hand in hand with Law's sharp voice. The catchy hook, the dynamic flow and the rebellious attitude of the Austrian rapper catches the listener in a split of a second. The 70s blaxploitation inspired video portrays a heated poker game in a secret environment. The rivalry between the two main protagonists creates a tense atmosphere which fits perfectly with the vibe of the song. The goal of the project was to create a humorous, eccentric, movie-like feeling and to step away from the typical β€œmusic video” format.

β€œOn The Low” is the perfect track to get you hyped up and will instantly put you in a moshpit mood. The song will be available on all digital platforms on the 9th of October.

Law Music.

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