Port Arthur’s Best Collaborate on a Track

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“Flex on my Ex” is a track by Jordan Cordel featuring Flow Majestic & Xcambreezy. These 3 solo artists came together to collaborate on this masterpiece. All 3 of these artists are from Port Arthur, Texas under the independent label “Red House 409” (founder B1G Fammo). Although the track was recorded in Port Arthur, the iconic video was shot in Austin, Texas by Wave Tomas. The music video for “Flex on my Ex” has been featured on the major music platform Genius Verified which is a huge deal for the artists. Jordan Cordel, Flow Majestic & Xcambreezy have all had major success in their own individual careers but it’s no question that they make magic whenever it’s time to collaborate. Check out their EP “No More Apologies” available on all streaming platforms!!! Engineer - Christopher McKeon Red House 409 Music.

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