Pressure – By Neezy

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Alabama-based rap artist Neezy is best known for her dance moves, hard hitting lyrics, energetic live shows and more. With vivid word play she shows you how she is β€œPressure”, when it comes to her lifestyle. Her keep it β€œ100” music draws influence from artists like Future. Adding her own flow to any production, is a recipe for a hit. You can get a small glimpse of the emcees talents, on track, β€œPressure.” The 2021 release is making waves on Youtube. The video puts a visual to the dynamic lyrics. Showing that if you stay down and true to yourself, you will keep wining. Her style, her flow, creates the perfect combination for β€œPressure” to be relatable and continue to takeoff in the digital world, as well as the streets.
Check out her new single "Pressure" Neezy Music.

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