Prisoner Of Love/Single

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The song "Prisoner Of Love" was written about 15 years ago
it was supposed to be a spiritual song
for whose music and lyrics were written by Ivan Vrbicky and Mladen Lisak
(then called "Oprosti mi" which in English means "Forgive Me").
However, I then started writing an English text (with my friend Josipa Tomola) on the topic of "Prisoner of love" and with the permission of both of them (Ivan and Mladen), I recorded with my band "Kheops" the first demo of this now almost legendary song ......: )
Dino PuriΔ‡, Marko KovačeviΔ‡, Igor Ruf, Frelih Slobodan and I, Goran VedriΕ‘ participated on the original demo).
I can confidently say that this "remake" is the way that song always should have sounded ....
The phenomenal musicians and great people who helped me to make this single happen are:
Vocals: Ailyn Mondragon
Guitars / bass guitar: Goran VedriΕ‘
Drums: Marcus Hauck
Cello and production: Johannes Then
Mastering: GKG Mastering Ludwig Maier (Freising) Kheops One Music.

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