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Hey I'm Annika! Born & raised in Las Vegas, NV., now living in Long Beach, CA. I am Dutch / Indonesian on my mom's side and European Spanish on my dad's side. I'm not the only musically inclined person in my family. My Uncle Tony Bellamy was in the 70's band Redbone and co-wrote the hit song "Come and Get Your Love".

I once again got together with producer (and Sylar front man) Jayden Panesso to write and record this real life contemporary r&b song called “Psycho” that’s being described as “sexy”, “heart break”, “inspirational”, “epic”, “party”, “fierce”, and “female empowering”!

This song is about cutting loose from a toxic relationship. Realizing that I have been fooled and manipulated for far too long. I finally cut the cord and moved on. I think many of us have gone thru this painful, yet ultimately rewarding and freeing experience.

“Psycho” releases Halloween Eve Oct 31, 2020. To preview the “Psycho” track CLICK HERE

I hope that you can include my story and “Psycho” in your blog.

Thank you so much!
Annika Bellamy Music.

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