Rainbow – Acoustic/Songwriter – by Hit The Hay

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The Singer/songwriter group Hit The Hay combines folk, soul, pop, blues and hiphop into an emotional universe in different colors. We all grew up with music in our blood. Each of us has been on a different musical journey and spent many years in different music projects before we found each other. But our worlds collided and since then we have united the joy of songwriting and musical diversity. We just really enjoy making music with chillout sound landscapes and bouncings grooves. Hit the hay is a music collective with many years of experience consisting of 5-6 guys from Copenhagen. We are inspired by the following artists: John Mayer, Glen Hansard, John legend, Clapton, Maggie Rogers, Dire straits, Dr. dre, Jack Johnson, Beatles, Paul Mccartney, Norah Jones, SΓΈren Huus, Eminem, CV JΓΈrgensen, Kim Larsen and many more. Hit The Hay moves between melancholy and pop/soul. The goal is to play concerts and spread the music as much as possible. Recently our songs has featured in Dutch radio and various playlists. Pelle Willumsen Music.

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