Red Pill – Count Bluntas

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Count Bluntas produces and raps with the first single release, β€œRed Pill”, in a five song exclusive epic series. Golden Goonz Entertainment is an indy hip hop label and therefore we greatly support independent thought and proudly present this single symbolizing freedom and liberty.

β€œRed Pill” is inspired by both the Matrix movies and the great awakening currently underway worldwide. Many conspiracy theories that used to be mocked have been confirmed and some of these are brought to light in this music single. The β€œRed Pill” represents a state of enlightenment where the curtain has been pulled back revealing the true nature of the world. Follow Count Bluntas into the rabbit hole and you will never see things the same again.

The highly anticipated, action-packed music video for the β€œRed Pill” will be released July 18th. Count Bluntas Music.

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