Renegade Dreams (Oh Captain) – Single- Indie New Age- by Molly Shuvani

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This song is an eerie yet captivating indie acoustic tune, spawned in the uncomfortable quest for truth. It calls attention to suspicious motives of our governance, highlighted in the times of quarantine.

This song is regarding the Covid-19 rabbithole. I know, we’ve all had pretty much enough of this goshdarn subject. The title of the video is β€œRenegade Dreams,” and it cites a few disturbing facts about this whole affair- like the super-rich making 282 BILLION dollars during the first few weeks of the pandemic, about doubling their total net worth. It also connects some other strange events at the time- like the multiple new satellites SpaceX released at that time. Unrelated? Perhaps, though Elon Musk was one of those super-rich that partook in the Billions post- Covid (along with Bill Gates, of course). There is a disclaimer or two for that song- one being that I IN NO WAY claim to know the ultimate truth of the situation. I am merely encouraging us all to look a little deeper and perhaps not throw so much blind trust into the system. Also, I came out with this video shortly before the riots began. In the final verse, I joke about dreaming of setting these systems β€œon fire,” but in no way condone violence or destruction of property.
Molly Shuvani Music.

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