Return Of The King

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After the pre-release of Moses Rhymes' "Fan Love" from the Return of The King Mixtape last month. It's become pretty clear that the mixtape is highly overlooked and deserves way more attention. What's most captivating about it is the plot (yes, plot) of the mixtape that includes painful emotions at the start of the mixtape and the gentle transition into the more joyous and self empowering section after escape. Both sections of the mixtape are accompanied by an incredible selection of beats produced by Producers such as Vert Kalone, QBeatz, Nag beatz, Domain Go Weirder and Moses Rhymes himself. All intentionally engaging the soul thus intensifying the emotional rollercoaster that you embark on when you decide to listen to it. The lyrics are carefully crafted and truly paint of picture of every emotion each song is supposed to ignite. What makes the experience more captivating is that most of the stories in the mixtape are based on true events that either happened to Moses himself, or to others close around him. With such genius artistry, it is no wonder he has an Award for Best Lyricist from the local Juice Annual Awards for 2020 and he might scoop even more with this creative masterpiece. Moses Rhymes Music.

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