Return To Dreamland – Kheops One

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"Return To Dreamland (Instrumental)"
Let's say a man was badly hurt in an accident ... And the doctors manage to wake him up from his coma. But he is aware that he has nothing to return to, and that he would rather continue to sleep, to be put back in a coma. That's why he tells the doctors "take me back to the land of dreams" or "Let me return to dreamland" .... Not a bad story for a pilot episode of some show πŸ™‚
This instrumental is not a single, but we will promote it because in our opinion it is very "radio friendly" and perfectly represents our musical diversity.
Absolutely phenomenal musicians and people who participated in the recording of this instrumental, and with whom I continue to record potential hits are:
Tihomir Vučajnk: rhythm guitars / acoustic guitars
Vladimir Sole Sostaric: bass guitar
Milenko Nedić: keyboards / organ (recently left the band)
Marcus Hauck: drums
Johannes Then: production / organs
Ludwig Maier GKG Mastering
Goran VedriΕ‘: lead and rhythm guitars / acoustic guitars Goran Vedris Music.

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