Room Full Of Empty People

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Do you feel alone, like you don't fit in/belong, or don't feel "Good Enough"
Room Full Of Empty People is just that, sometimes it does not matter who is around you feel ALONE.

This song goes a step further, besides not feeling any connection to anyone around, you are also stuck in a place where everyone feels the same way and have resorted to enhancing the way they look in order to fit into some sort of "club" that's not even a reality.

These people have lost touch with themselves, who they are as individuals and what simple God-given flaws have made them unique and awesome.
And by trying to change that, they become Fake, striving for individual perfection has resulted in a plastic appearance, so much so they are unhappy and mean.
They would rather see you fall before them than help you.

But this song is where I say to myself "Enjoy The Journey." and I sit back and let them entertain me instead.
Feeling alone makes you do stupid things, you don't need help, you are perfect the way you are.
Everything is not perfect Dream Pop pitch..including this song.
It was recorded when I was alone, Not AutoTune, Flat Pitch, Odd Time Issues but it was fun to make.

Hope you enjoy it!
TDK Sean Young Wing Music.

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