Run Away W U by Mami Mia

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Hey Harmonic Wings Team!

My name is Mami Mia and I'm a Multi-Platinum recording artist in a past life. But in this life, I’m an up-and-coming artist from the Bay Area, CA 😋. I just want to share my newest release, "Run Away W U," with you in case you feel it is a good fit for your site/socials!

"Run Away W U" has R&B, pop, and 2000s influences that contribute to its infectious and playful melodies and lyrics. It's the perfect song to drive to with the windows down and the volume up. 

I wrote "Run Away W U" as a way to escape my reality and create a more colorful world for myself and my listeners, so I hope this song makes you feel the same way as well ✨

I love what your team is doing to help new artists out, so thanks for all your hard work 🙂 If you like my track, I'd love to pay it forward, and contribute to your page, help your team produce content, bring traffic to your page via social media promos- whatever you need!

All the best,
Mami Mia


IG: @aka.mami.mia
Tiktok: @aka.mami.mia Mami Mia Music.

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