Say Goodbye – Pop – by nasmore (feat. Cris Hodges)

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From the impeccable detail in nasmore’s professional production, to the vibrantly soulful & edgy vocals of Hodges on the mic, “Say Goodbye” dives deep into stylistically slick Dark-Pop vibes, insatiably catchy hooks, and next-level passion that is purely second to none. Through boldly evocative lyricism sung to the heights of expressionism, and music that’s designed with wildly dynamic sound that radiantly beams from the lefts to the rights – “Say Goodbye” is guaranteed to make a resounding impression on listeners.
With a remarkable score on Crowd Review that places “Say Goodbye” into the top 95% of all the songs rated throughout the reputable site & valuable music resource – nasmore’s brand-new single hasn’t just tested well – it’s proven to be a sensational hit by every conceivable definition based on public reaction. Twisting & turning through vibrant emotions with swagger & style, armed with Cris’ powerful range and all-out spectacular vocals in tandem with the refreshingly addictive beat & musical charisma of nasmore – “Say Goodbye” is THE single no playlist could possibly be considered to be complete without this year. nasmore Music.

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