Searching for the Mankind’s Soul / Electronic Experimental – by Francesco Mongatti

By defining the Mankind’s Soul as the spiritual part of humans regarded in its moral aspect, some could argue that morality and principles have been lost by our current Mankind.
For any lost a search is necessary: last century scientific discoveries were unique and revolutionary, but they still required years to be fully understood and accepted by Mankind. Understanding appears essential to appreciate the search which lies behind it.

Through the discovering of intriguing melodies mixed with colorful harmonies and vivid rhythms, my music research aims at evocating deep images in listeners, bringing them to a sort of “suspended time and space”.
So, I tried to push my creative boundaries with the soon to be released single “Searching for the Mankind’s Soul”, an oneiric and ambitious electronic journey among different sections of Mankind’s evolution: “Cosmic Soul”, “Heroic Age”, “The Awakening”, “The Search” and “The Find”. Francesco Mongatti Music.

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