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Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy! A lucky charm from Walt Disney is said to have gifted Secret Birthday his dark glam-inspired music that wraps around you like a spiders web.

Secret Birthday (August 4 1996) is an American actor, magician and recording artist from Anaheim California. He 1st appeared at Disneyland performing for the 60th Diamond Anniversary in 2016, where Queen Elizabeth II would be in attendance along side the Disney royal family.

His first film role to play as a stage character in the thriller fantasy film Escape from Tomorrow. Reaching an occult audience over night.

On January 16th 2021 Secret Birthday released his chart crawling single "Walt 6isney" on Apple Music to critical acclaim.

His walt 6isney release marks the beginning of the charismatic rappers chapter into stardom. Honoring the Walt Disney heritage Birthday performs child-like storytelling. A play for us to watch on the world stage.

The history Disneyland has created over 60 years is a far reaching idea to tether. Nevermore playing the record as an experience itself remains mysteriously rewarding. A quarter century after the most legendary artists in rap comes a new character.

After graduating from Carson High School 16 attended Yale University to play collegiate hockey. On the far side of class a year after. 2014 Secret Birthday clear-cut to drop out of the academy in motion to Los Angeles exploring a career as a performance artist. secret birthday Music.

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