Silver Birch- Ceiling Demons feat. Zarahruth

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Ceiling Demons offer up a smoky, experimental treat with Silver Birch, the second single taken from their forthcoming album Snakes & Ladders...

Produced by Beat Demon, the track features a beautiful vocal melody, written and performed by British folk singer-songwriter Zarahruth. The contrast between the soft vocals and dramatic beat embodies the themes of life and death that Ceiling Demons bring to life through their music.

The ethereal chorus about time contrasts Dan Demon's initial thunderous spoken word verses which touch on themes of nature, symbolism and rebirth.

The impressive guitar-work of Chris Shaw is reminiscent of The Cure or The Smiths’ Johnny Marr and adds a catchy element to the experimental nature of the piece, before erupting into an upbeat indie-raucous during the final third of the song. Psy Ceiling’s vocals here sound as if he were possessed by the spirit of Tom Waits as he fulminates introspectively about the passage of time, adding another level to the track.

Ceiling Demons gift at blurring the lines between genres, blending elements of indie, rock and folk. The single gives a powerful image of what is in store for the rest of the album and leaves fans wanting more.

Snakes & Ladders will be available to pre-order via bandcamp from 6th August on limited edition vinyl, CD & cassette and will be release on 22nd September 2021. Silver Birch feat. Zarahruth is available on digital streaming platforms - 6th August 2021

Ceiling Demons will also be on a UK tour with US indie rap artist Ceschi this October!
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