‘Smokers’ by Your Friend, Ghost

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“Smokers” is a classic beat flip that combines catchy and melodic sample chops with layers of trap and boombap inspired drums meshed with a mix of percussion recordings. What differentiates this from other tracks is the unique vocal performances of songwriter Matt Chason and rapper/ producer Yobbz. Highlighting each of the artist’s strengths, “Smokers” showcases meaningful and catchy choruses that are pinned against the track’s cryptic and unexpected melodic change during Yobbz’s verse. Truly a track to bump for any occasion, “Smokers” is likely to lead to head bobbing and hopefully, the urge to roll something up.
“It's too much for most folks you know, the ones afraid of hour glasses tippin over. Oh it never happens like it's supposed to, no sir, in search of the place where we mean more.”
Matt Chason Music.

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