So Many Beautiful Men So Little Time

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Presenting a dynamite new single recorded by Toronto’s Linda Carone, supported by a stellar group
of musicians. Established as a jazz and blues vocalist and niche song stylist, Linda presents her latest
offering – a fresh recording with a sophisticated sound, subtly sprinkled with warm tones and lovely
vocals. Simply put, a lyrically hip song that is fun and upbeat. Cool, mid-century jazz vibes with a
moderate tempo flirts with exotic conga rhythms, creating a lively, bold swinging beat. For Linda, It's
a musical shift with her own twist towards interpreting the cool jazz era of the mid-twentieth century.
George Koller had worked with Linda previously as producer on her well received debut album, Black Moonlight. Koller was again invited to collaborate on this recording with a latin fusion directive. Linda's
vision includes the beloved and in-demand percussionist Luis Orbegosa, pianist Jeremy Ledbetter, George Koller on bass, Ben Wittman on drums and Perry White on saxophone.
"I've found another gem of a song that felt right from the moment I'd first heard it". The track 'So Many Beautiful Men, So Little Time' was originally written by a lesser known jazz artist from the 1950's. Kitty White, whose musical fortΓ© leaned to offbeat tunes was also known to have a distinctive voice. "Here is
a woman speaking my language!" Linda says. "Kitty had a knack for singing the coolest tunes and could
not be compared to any other singer." Linda too, has a voice that is as rare and distinct as the repertoire she uncovers, and the songs she chooses to sing.
So Many Beautiful Men, So Little Time, a 1955 recording may have been a little too racy for radio back
in the day. Travel now to this twenty-first century, Linda feels that now is the time to channel this song version to a world-wide audience. Currently in 2020, recording this song is the perfect choice for this vocalist, and the one that sets the mood and musical direction towards future recording projects. Linda Carone Music.

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