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Wake Up! Music announces the arrival of the ET Boys (named Tacboy and
Sharkeyes). Born in Chicago but hailing from Florida, Tacboy takes lead as the
vocalist and lyricist, while Sharkeyes writes and composes the tunes.
The ET Boys grew up in a home where dancers, musicians and all music were
present. From sitar sounds in utero to the deep rhythms of Flamenco, they were babies when they first
were on stage with their mother, House Vocalist and Wake Up! Music Record Label owner, Pepper
Gomez. Formal piano, guitar and drum lessons ensued, and now the home is filled with the sounds of the
ET Boys music.
During their recent stints in academia, something remarkable happened. Sharkeyes began to share
songs he was writing with Tacboy who then composed the vocal melodies and lyrics to the track. A prolific
partnership was born and in less than two years, they had amassed over 30 songs, which resulted in their
first 7 song album ready to release.
Tacboy, a signed model for the top modeling agency in the world, IMG, sings with freedom and a look that
evokes the channeling of Jim Morrison. He is mysterious and the poetry flows out of him effortlessly as he
plays with the music - often on the first take. He is the front man who can mesmerize both with his voice
and his looks, not to mention his lyrics.
Sharkeyes provides all the tracks for Tac to create upon, and his tunes are distinguished by a variety of
influences, his own personal drum beats, and interplaying melodies.
With their first release, β€œSober,” the ET Boys position themselves to rise in the world of Pop. Fun and
catchy while also lyrically deep, this is a song of the times and begging for repeat. This release of β€œSober”
comes off of the blazing path of the charting hit β€œOh My Heart” featuring vocals from Tacboy and Pepper
β€œThese sounds can not be forced into creation but rather are born from the bonds of brotherhood,” states
Sharkeyes. This is young, fresh, nu music - the ET Boys Nu Pop sound.
β€œSober” drops June 25, 2021 on streaming services and the music video will be released on the Wake Up!
Music YouTube Channel. Keep tabs on ET Boys on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
Copyright 2021 | Wake Up! Music, LLC | ASCAP | Pepper My Music Publishing
Pepper Gomez
Facebook | Instagram | YouTube ET BOYS Music.

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