Someone Has A Plan – Bedroom Pop – by Ethan Toga

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A year-long journey starting from a pandemic in New York to traveling to Spain, singer and songwriter Ethan Toga sets on a new path in self-discovery with his first official track, “Someone Has A Plan,” releasing on September 1, 2021, on all digital platforms. The indie pop-rock-influenced song explores one’s belief in a higher being and the celestial safety net that it can provide.
While Toga has many questions to ponder, "Someone Has A Plan" starts in a distortive synth soundscape of what faith means to the history of humanity, and the envy of others who can believe in something beyond. The two mindsets play into a complex use of buzzy synths and faster-paced melodic rap that contrast against Ethan’s clean and honest vocals, leaving listeners on a more hopeful note. The distortive production also adds layers to the track that resonate with Toga’s intricate thoughts on religion. It’s hard not to relate as Toga weighs his misgivings with organized religion against his desire for some kind of order to life.
Toga finds a lot of inspiration in Jon Bellion and Phoebe Bridgers in penning his debut track. “I listened to songs like Jon Bellion’s Hand of God, Phoebe Bridgers’ Chinese Satellite, and many others that talk about the concept of a higher power and that power’s plan. The song expresses that I may not believe in that level of order to the universe, but I would feel safer in life if I did. I hope more people can resonate with how I feel, growing up in a fairly secular household, seeing all the strife in the world, but also seeing and envying people’s deep, deep faith that it will all work out in the end.”
In short, Toga summarizes, “It would be nice if someone had a plan because I definitely don’t.” “Someone Has A Plan” is the first track to be released off Toga’s debut experimental EP, coming this fall, in collaboration with Spain-based indie Disrupción Records. Ethan Toga Music.

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