Straight No Chaser (Afro Soul)

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When on the surface a relationship looks beautiful and endless, but underneath that the ground has grown cold and lifeless, it’s clear to girl that boy isn’t who he says he is.

Collaborating with East Africa’s unmatched band Nairobi Horns Project (@NairobiHorns), Crystal Asige’s sassy,sexy and fiery Swahili lyrics telling her man β€œI’ve held my tongue for long enough, I’m tired of pushing you to love. If you want to stay, play your role
If you want to go, you can go”, she says is β€œa narrative that many women know all too well”. Both tragic and liberating, this exquisitely infused chakacha and jazz piece becomes an end of 2020 anthem for audiences to look that somebody right in the eye and give it to them ’straight no chaser!’ Crystal Asige Music.

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