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Submit Music Tracks and Song Playlists From Spotify Soundcloud and Youtube to Harmonic Wings Music Video and Song Submission Website

Submit music albums, songs, playlists and video links from the top music and media hosting platforms fast and free. After creating my own musician website Ylia Callan Guitar I started looking around the internet for sites that I could submit music to. I decided to create a site where you can submit songs, playlists and music videos instantly. Publishing your music directly onto Harmonic Wings with all the correct open graph and microdata tags along with a play button share image all within a few seconds after pressing the Submit Music button.

Fill in the form below with the details outlined in the instructions further down the page and watch the magic unfold before your very eyes.

Submit Music Songs Playlists and Music Video URLs to Harmonic Wings

Submit Songs Playlists and Music Video URLs

From: Spotify Soundcloud YouTube Instagram Vimeo Facebook ReverbNation Mixcloud Vine Twitch Dailymotion Blip.

  • Add the music genre as a keyword for category placement and social network post.
  • English titles of 5 – 10 words. Example: Song / Playlist / Video Name – Music Category – Artist/Band
  • No duplicate music or thumbnails.
  • Place your Twitter handle in the title to be notified on Twitter.
  • Please read all the information on this page for the best results.

Free Music Submission Form

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Not required for YouTube videos except playlists.

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Please wait 10-15 seconds to be redirected after pressing the submit music button. (Sometimes longer for large image size uploads). Feel free to reach out and contact here or on social media with your feedback and ideas to improve the music submission user experience. If you filled in all the details and your music submission is high quality I might just give it a social networking post on TwitterReddit and other social networks. Enjoy!

Submit Instrumental Songs Playlists and Music Videos to Harmonic Wings Song Submission Website

Music Submit Instructions

  1. Enter a user name.
  2. Add a link to your Website, Channel or Social Profile.
  3. Give your music submission a unique title in English of 5-10 keywords that consists of Song / Album / Playlist / Video name – Music Category (Acoustic Music Video) – Artist/Band name.
  4. Add unique tag phrases separated by commas. Don’t use #Tags. Examples: Fresh Hip Hop Music, Unique Singer Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar Player.
  5. Add some music notes describing your music. 
  6. Choose Audio, Playlist or Music Video as a category.
  7. Copy your music url from Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and other top media hosting platforms listed above. Paste your song / album, playlist or music video link / URL into the Song Album Playlist or Video Link text box.
  8. Add a thumbnail featured image.
Submit All Music Styles and Genre Songs Playlists and Music Videos to Harmonic Wings Music Submit Website

Why submit music songs, albums, playlists and video URLs with our free music submission form? Your music submission will have all the correct open graph tags along with a play button share image to show that is an audio or music video media type. This helps to make it look amazing when shared by text message, social media or messenger apps. It will also have all the correct schema micro/structured data that search engines love and use to display in the search results for audio, playlist and video formats.

Submit Singer Songwriting Songs Playlists and Music Videos to Harmonic Wings Music Website

Harmonic Wings uses the Google API to index your submission almost instantly. It can also give your music a new life and a second layer to promote. You can add a website URL to gain a backlink to your website or social profiles which can boost search ranking. Backlinks are still Google’s number 1 ranking factor and they are also used by many other websites and searching engines like YouTube. Giving your submission a unique and descriptive title and tags, can bring new traffic from search engines. Submitting music to Harmonic Wings is fast free and works instantly with no login or sign up and with no hidden catch or future cost. The music you submit will be automatically converted to an Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for super fast loading on mobile phones, tablets and also laptop/desktop web browsers. Converting a web page to AMP also helps it to rank better in the mobile search engine results and on some social networks. Check out the AMP Website.


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Keep reading to learn how to submit music to get best results.

How To Make High Quality Thumbnails: The thumbnail image is one of the most important factors for creating a post that will get lots of exposure and clicks. It is the first point of contact with viewers, so try to use an amazing image that invokes curiosity and encourages the viewer to read the title and click on the audio or video. Covering the thumbnail with other images and text overlay is not a good practice and even tho many content creators do it, in most cases it will not help. You can use copyright free images from Google Images to make amazing thumbnails. Simply search for an image that is relevant to your music and then click on tools > usage rights > and select available for reuse or available for reuse with modification, if you want to modify the image. You can use a website like TextFX.co to make amazing text titles to include in your image but keep in mind that if it covers more than 25% of the thumbnail we may not accept it unless it look professional and stands out.

Submit Rock Music Songs Playlists and Music Videos to Harmonic Wings Music Submission Website

Music and Video SEO Techniques

For the best result, enter a unique and descriptive video title of 5 to 10 keywords. Use the Keywords Suggestion Tool to find relevant words and phrases for your music style and song or album themes. Optionally you can also add a backlink to your website, channel or a social network profile to improve findability, SEO and help it rank better by the search engines. Sharing your music submission around with the share buttons or by text message, messenger app and email to gain more listeners and video views may also help as search engines and social networks are increasingly looking at social and share signals.

Submit Acoustic Songs Playlists and Music Videos to Harmonic Wings Music Submission Website

What Not To Do?

Thumbnail: Low quality thumbnail. To much text or image overlay. Duplicate thumbnails. Thumbnail contains languages other than english. Read the information above for examples of how to make high quality thumbnails. Thumbnail includes images that are not family friendly.

Audio, Playlist or Video: Low quality songs, albums, playlist or music video. Link already submitted. Not family friendly. Explicite lyrics, Advertising. Adult content or inappropriate.

Title: Songs Albums Playlists and Music Video titles should be in English and not include other languages. Title to short with no findable keywords. Title to long with more than 10 words. Link or phone number included in title. Title includes words that are not family friendly.

Other Reasons: Explicite lyrics, Advertising, Adult content or any other reason we feel the song, album, playlist or music video is not family friendly or inappropriate.

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Harmonic Wings Music Submission Website and Apps

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