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How to submit and pitch your music to blogs and playlisters?

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Generally speaking each website listed will have their own submission process. Many offer free submissions and paid promotions alongside each other. Sometimes it’s just a matter of filling in a quick form with your song links and band or musician bio and various other details. Many websites these days also use a third party platform like SubmitHub being the most popular. Some websites may also request that you send the information via email. The submission details can usually be found on a link on the home page, menu, footer or sidebar and other times the submission information will be on the about or contact page. The list gives you brief instructions for how each websites submission process works and by clicking on the website name takes you to the submission page.

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When pitching songs, albums and playlists to reviewers and curators, you should prepare a good quality musician bio, photos and artist/album artwork. Along with having a professionally written tagline and pitching letter which can make all the difference. There is plenty of tutorials to learn how to write a submission letter that creates curiosity to capture and engage the reader from the email subject line or the first sentence of your pitch. Many of the websites listed below have tips for promoting and pitching your music as well as accepting music submissions.

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After creating my own musician and guitarist website Ylia Callan Music I began searching around the internet and submitting my tracks to many of the websites listed below. The list starts with the top 15 music submission sites, followed by a short list of websites where you can submit to playlist curators, before continuing on with a mix of music blogs and other submission sites. The top 15 is a mix of song and playlist submission websites that I found to be somewhat straightforward and with a decent user experience. Harmonic Wings comes in No.1 as it’s the only one that accepts song, playlist and music video links from a variety of top media platforms including Spotify Soundcloud YouTube Instagram Vimeo Facebook ReverbNation Mixcloud Vine Twitch Dailymotion Blip. It also publishes your music directly with all the correct open graph and structured data tags for audio, playlist and video formats that search engines and social networks love. Along with a smart play button share image to show it’s an audio or video format when shared. Feel free to get in contact with me for suggestions, feedback and ideas or if you have a website that fits into the following mega list of 91+ websites to submit music to.

The Ultimate LIst of Music Submission Websites on Harmonic Wings

Top 15+ Best Up to Date in 2020 Music Submission Sites to your Submit Songs, Playlists and Music Videos.

  1. Hamonic wings All Music Genres: Submit music albums, songs, playlists and music video link submissions from Spotify Soundcloud YouTube Instagram Vimeo Facebook ReverbNation Mixcloud Vine Twitch Dailymotion Blip for instant publication with no cost or catch.
  2. SubmitHub All Music Genres: Amazing and professionally made website with tons of features in a class of its own. Accepts song and music video submissions from various websites to music blogs, YouTubers, Instagramers, Spotify playlisters and more. Many of the websites in this list use SubmitHub. Mission statement: SubmitHub was founded in late 2015 as a way to make the process of sending music to curators as easy and transparent as possible. We give you all sorts of statistics and ways to filter who to send your music to so you can make sure your song ends up in the right hands. For curators, this means getting sent more music you’ll actually like. Submission statement: The process works well as more than 648,000 songs have been shared to date. But the competition is stiff, and even the most-successful artists can’t please everyone. Music is subjective, and no two curators hear a song the same way. As such, SubmitHub is best used by individuals who have realistic expectations about what success in the music industry looks like in 2020.
  3. For The Love Of Bands All Music Genres: Offers artist and band reviews and features along with promotions. Also features articles for pitching and all kinds of tips for success in the music industry. Submission statement: Want to grow your Spotify fan base? Submit music to our Spotify playlists for free by using the regular option. Mission statement: For The Love Of Bands is your go-to indie music blog to discover awesome new independent and emerging talents.
  4. Indiemono Various Genres: Large community of playlisters. Works on the model of following playlists be able to submit to playlists. Submission statement: Submit music to Indiemono playlists. It’s free, easy and you can send music anytime.
  5. The Brag Media All Music Genres: Submit YouTube and social media music videos for consideration to be promoted on various websites. Submission statement: Ever wanted your music video, cover performance or any other video you’ve made published to our 1 million+ fans and followers who watch our content every month?
  6. Viral Chop Music Various Genres: Accepts music video links from YouTube and other popular media platforms. Submission statement: Submit video link / URLs from all the top video hosting platforms for a free feature with instant publishing. Mission statement: Stream, submit and share the latest viral, trending and most viewed videos on the internet.
  7. Indie Music Indie Genre: They offer artist band reviews, music video and playlist submissions along with a newsletter. You can create your own post in the wordpress editor and post it on the spot. Mission statement: Indie-music is currently designed for the purpose of allowing bands and music companies to post their own publicity directly to our website through the ubiquitous WordPress interface. Freely add, edit preview and post your articles.
  8. Daily Playlists Various Genres: Playlists that go on for days for playlist pitching and song submissions. Mission statement: Submit for playlising. Expand your audience. Make yourself heard.
  9. Xunemag Various Genres: Spotify playlist pitching with a fairly straightforward and easy to use website. Submission statement: Submit music for review. We love to feature new music and interview emerging artists! Mission statement: Xune Mag is here to uncover the best independent and emerging artists from across the world, feeding your ears with the latest music we can’t get enough of.
  10. Musicto Various Genres: Offers a selection of spotify playlist curator to submit your tracks to. Submission statement: Free Spotify apple music playlist submission. It’s easy to submit a track to a musicto playlist. Click on an image to go the playlist home page, there you can read about the curator and the list and if you feel your track is a good fit, fill in the track submission form. The curator will let you know if you made the list.
  11. Tune Munk Various Genres: Submit songs and playlists based on the genres that include blues christian classical compilation country EDM folk holiday latin metal pop punk rap rock soundtrack and world music. Submission statement: Gain more followers and connect with playlist creators. Create playlist submission gates. Promote your playlist gates. Share your playlist gates. Mission statement: Tunemunk was created to share the best playlists for artists to gain exposure while curators can grow their Spotify playlist followers with our free Spotify submission system. Once curators submit their playlist to our system, artists will have to follow the curator’s Spotify playlist and follow your Spotify profile before they can submit their music to you. Once the artist has submitted their music to you, you will receive an email with their track and you can decide whether you want to add the track or not to your playlist. Our song submission gates are free to use, simple and look great on all devices.
  12. MySphera Various Genres: Large selection of playlists with a wide variety of curators. Submission statement: Nothing beats a human touch when it comes to music discovery. What your music needs the most is that music head who’s all about sharing your music with as many people as possible. But finding these special people is hard, and reaching out to them is even harder. That’s where we step in, MySphera will connect your music to the most relevant tastemakers in a single click. Just submit your track and we’ll take care of the rest. Mission statement: Happy to see you here. Let’s get your music to new audiences.
  13. Work Hard Playlist Hard Various Genres: Submit music to their website along with a wide range of spotify playlist curators. They also provide an information resource to help independent artists with tips about music streaming websites. Submission statement: Submit your music to curators. Simply click on the artwork to submit directly to a curator. Submission does not guarantee a placement. This is at the discretion of the curators. If a curator responds asking for money or a donation, they will be removed! Only the curator has access to these submissions, if you choose to follow up with the curator please do so directly. Only submit music in genres specific to the curator, listen to their playlists before submitting!
  14. Spotimatch Various Genres: A well made platform for artists, playlist curators and record labels. They offer promotions for music on Spotify. Mission statement: The first platform that connects artists to playlist curators and allows its users to promote their music on Spotify.
  15. Soundplate Various Genres: They offer a wide selection of playlists curated by their team along with other 3rd party playlist pitching and submissions. Submission statement: Discover and submit music to Spotify & Deezer playlists! To submit your music, simply select a playlist from the grid. Mission statement: This is a free service built to help artists reach independent curators. To make this useful and effective for everyone please only submit music to relevant playlists and do not spam.
Submit Music to Playlist Submission List on Harmonic Wings

Top 9+ best websites to submit your music playlists.

  1. Best Before Various Genres: They offer song and album reviews along with artist and band interviews. Link to third party website submission can be found on the about page. Submission statement: We’re forever on the lookout for fresh faces to join the BB family. Whether you’re a photographer, a journalism student looking to get some exposure in the music industry, or you just simply enjoy writing, then we’d love to hear from you. Mission statement: Best Before is a collective of Sydney-based creatives who straight-up love music and are looking for a community of people to share it with.
  2. Sidekick Electronic Music Genre: Offers Spotify playlisting submissions via a link to Submit Hub on the playlist submissions page. Submission statement: Our curation team is always looking for new music to update our Spotify playlists. If you have a track, a new release or an EP that’s perfect for one of them, please submit to your desired Playlist or fill in the Submission form on the playlists page. Mission statement: Looking for stronger Spotify playlist presence, a media feature or a record deal? Start submitting now to our curation team, we will get back to you soon.
  3. Spingrey Various Genres: Submit music to playlist curators by following playlists. Submission statement: We are always interested in hearing new sounds from great performers. Send us your demo on Patreon and get your music out there!
  4. Aquarium Drunkard Various Genres: Offering artist and band reviews and interviews along with featured posts. Mission statement: Originating in 2005 and based in Los Angeles, Aquarium Drunkard is an eclectic audio journal focused on daily reviews, interviews, features, podcasts and sessions. Digging globally, AD bridges contemporary sounds with psych, jazz, avant-garde, folk, garage, funk and beyond.
  5. Audiotox Various Genres: With a focus on new music and artists, they offer music submissions for articles on their blog. Mission statement: Please submit all tracks via SubmitHub. Not much there hey!
  6. Aurgasm All Music Genres: They offer features for new artists and bands with a focus on being a global platform. Submission statement: Aurgasm seeks to bring you an eclectic menagerie of aural pleasures. We scout out music you’ve never heard and deliver only the finest. Mission statement: Aurgasm specializes in everything not under the American rock umbrella—music such as: downtempo, folk, nu jazz, chanson, scandinavian, jazz, cuban, brazilian, electro, soul, jump blues, bluegrass, film score, and electronica.
  7. BIRP.fm Various Genres: Submit songs to be featured on their website and added to their playlist with a focus on independant and unsigned artists and bands. Submission statement: We no longer take email submissions due to the amount of emails (over ~100 a day!) and it becoming so unorganized. To handle the load and to become a bit more organized we’ve started using Submithub. Mission statement: BIRP.fm started in February of 2009 as a way to share my music discoveries. BIRP is a monthly compilation of +100 tracks that are free to stream / download.
  8. Beautiful Song of The Week Various Genres: Offers song submissions with a focus on all musical styles and eras. Submission statement: Please note that submissions are accepted ONLY through SubmitHub. If I don’t have time to give a detailed critique, I will return your credit. Mission statement: Uncovering the world’s loveliest music.
  9. Adobe and Teardrops Various Genres: Music review website and podcast with global reach along with music downloads, which allows bands and artists to sell music on through the platform. Mission statement: Adobe and Teardrops is a music blog that covers anything with guitars, bass, drums, and a little bit of effort. If the music contains a twang, then all the better.

Submit Music Albums Songs Playlists and Music Videos Submission List.

67+ The Ultimate List Continues.

  1. A&R Factory Various Genres: Longstanding website that offers artist and band song submission form. Submission statement: Our award winning blog has been nominated as one of the top ten blogs in the UK and top 100 worldwide. With a readership of music industry executives across the world, we welcome you to submit music for a chance to be featured on our website. Mission statement: Since 2012, we have grown into one of the most respected artist and repertoire blogs. We help music industry professionals discover new independent music from across the world.
  2. Hillydilly Various Genres: Accepts music submits for Soundcloud and MP3 upload with a nice form and well made website. Submission statement: We create a musical experience that will inspire you. Amazing music adds value to life, and we feel that everyone deserves to have it. time, however, is not on our side, and that’s why we share only the best new music out, every single day. Mission statement: Hillydilly is a music platform dedicated to unearthing new music, pushing only the best and ultimately connecting you to all the good music that’s out there. Mainstream, all genres, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about simply good music.
  3. Santa Rosa Records Various Genres: Offers artist and band interviews? Submission statement: You may now submit your music to our subreddit! Here, redditors will upvote or downvote your track. It’s good publicity and just might get you featured on the site! However, instead of just blindly submitting to every music blog you come across learn how to submit your music more effectively. Mission statement: Santa Rosa Records is an independent label, recording studio, and curator of alternative roots music from around the globe and across all genres.
  4. Consequence of Sound Pop Genre: Offers music news about new songs and music videos along with album streams and releases. They also have a podcasts. Submission statement: Music submissions via email.
  5. Digital Tour Bus Various Genres: With a focus on touring bands and music gear, they will also consider music submissions. Mission statement: Out of this brainstorming session came a simple idea to change the way people know and interact with their favourite bands and artists. Submission statement: Please do not send music submissions via the contact form.
  6. Drowned in Sound Various Genres: Offers album review submissions. The website contains music news and interviews along with a forum. Submission statement: We do include album streams in some articles, but there has to be some original content around it.
  7. MuuMuse Pop Genre: Offers submissions for pop music, whatever that is. Any style of music that is popular could be considered pop. Submission statement: None. Try your luck on the contact page. Mission statement: Founded in 2007, MuuMuse is a pop music blog dedicated to music commentary, reviews, interviews, exclusives and extensive analysis of the artistry of Britney Spears.
  8. Gorilla vs. Bear Various Genres: Offers submissions for their award winning show called SiriusXM Satellite Radio? Submission statement: None. Test your luck out with the email addresses on the about page.
  9. Essentially Pop Pop Genre: Offers featured publicity to their audience that is primarily based on new and upcoming indie pop stars. Submission statement: If you would like Essentially Pop to write about my band/music video/song! Please email us, and we’ll talk to you about your needs. Mission statement: There’s a lot of music out there, good music. At Essentially Pop our remit is that we cover music that deserves to be heard, with a particular focus on independent artists. That doesn’t mean we won’t cover your old favourites, rather we hope to give you some new favourites as well.
  10. Earmilk Various Genres: Features recent music news, interviews and a weekly newsletter along album and gear reviews. Submission statement: Please submit music and potential premieres to our SubmitHub. We will do our best to listen to all submissions and try to offer feedback. Either way, keep doing what you do. We support it. Mission statement: We use our experience as journalists, musicians and fanatics to share our musical taste on the latest hits and underground discoveries across all musical genres.
  11. EDM Nations Electronic Dance Music Genre: Paid features for EDM music news, interviews and reviews. Submission statement: Because we have real and devoted fans, not bots just to impress you, we can actually deliver you real exposure, plays and fans. This is WHY we don’t accept any kind of submissions. Mission statement: Your music will be heard by more than 900.000 EDM lovers from all our Social Platforms (and our partners networks) + the visitors that are coming here to read about Hardwell, Calvin Harris, festival news or maybe studio equipment. It’s enough to try our services once to be convinced about our promotion power.
  12. PopJustice Pop Genre: Longstanding website with large social following, that only reviews pop artists and bands. Submission statement: Does your music fall into any of the following categories? Folk, EDM, Christian rock, Indie pop. Then it’s not going to work. Mission statement: Popjustice is a blog with ideas above its station. Popjustice gives pop precisely the amount of respect it deserves, which differs from song to song, pop star to pop star, week to week.
  13. A Bit of Pop Music Pop Genre: Offers pop and indie artist features? Submission statement: Due to the large amount of press messages that are being sent my way lately, I can’t answer every single one of them. I try to listen to everything and I will send an email back when interested to feature the release. Mission statement: Here you will find reviews on new singles, albums and concerts and interviews with a broad range of artists in contemporary pop music. Releases by the bigger names in the industry will of course be talked about, but also expect to be introduced to some fresh and exciting names you can add to your playlists!
  14. RemixMonsta Various Genres: Fill in a neat form with your Soundcloud link on the track submission page. Submission statement: After receiving your awesome remixes directly on mail and by Soundcloud links, we decided to make your life easier opening the submissions to RemixMonsta through this form. We hope you like this method better, but feel free to reach us, if you have problems, errors, issues about it. Mission statement: Sometimes I’ve spent days of searching on Soundcloud to get the latest hot remixes, so that’s how I came to the idea to have a dedicated site for these great beats. I hope you like it!
  15. Acid Stag Electronic Music Genre: Australian music news website that accepts submissions for electronic music only. Submission statement: We receive a few hundred submissions every day and while we do try our best to listen to everything that comes through our inbox it just isn’t possible to respond to everyone, but we do try, and by following the below guidelines you can help make that possible – if we like what we hear we will get around to sharing your music as soon as we can! Mission statement: Over the last 10 years we have built a strong reputation for discovering and supporting great new music by established and upcoming artists from all over the world. Whether you’re an artist, manager, label rep or publicist, we look forward to hearing from you, we simply ask that you follow the below guidelines. We are selective but our tastes are diverse!
  16. Ear To The Ground Various Genres: Accepts music submitted via link to Submit Hub, which can be found on the submission guidelines page. Submission statement: We are always willing to give a new band a listen. After all, that’s what we do! However, we get quite a few submissions and will try to get to them in a timely fashion. Please also remember that we will be true to our job and reserve the right to say if we do not like a particular album song or band. Due to the incredible number of submissions we’ve been receiving, we now require all submissions come through SubmitHub. Mission statement: EarToTheGround Music features emerging artists primarily in the folk, indie rock, and roots music scenes. The site has album reviews, artist interviews, and artist spotlights featuring a number of lesser-known musicians. It is the purpose of the site to curate the digital music world, helping artists find an audience and music fans find exceptional, high quality music.
  17. Add This Music Various Genres: Submit song links for SoundCloud YouTube or Spotify. Submission statement: Our sites currently get about 50,000 hits every month! Follow our YouTube account. You’ll need to be following us anyway to see if your song is featured. Submit your Song links in the submission box. Your songs will NOT be considered if you haven’t followed on YouTube. Mission statement: The latest new songs and music from up and coming indie artists. Discover new Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop, EDM, House, Funk, Chill, & RnB music first.
  18. Bolting Bits Various Genres: Canadian online music web-magazine. The site explores and reviews songs and also features music news a newsletter and playlists. Mission statement: Bolting Bits is a Montreal-based online musical magazine, born from the desire to promote music in all of its forms, extending the experience by organizing monthly events in various Montreal venues. Exploring many musical genres, the webzine invites local and international artists to share their vision of music and innovation.
  19. Talk About Pop Music Pop Genre: Offers submission to their playlist through Musosoup, MySphera and SubmitHub. Submission statement: Artists, stop chasing bloggers, influencers, playlisters and get your music to the right tastemakers hassle free. So you can unlock new audiences, create digital assets, while keeping your focus on your art. Mission statement: Get your music heard by Talk About Pop Music and beyond.
  20. CHILLFILTR Various Genres: Submissions will be considered for a blog post, playlist add, a companion post to Apple News, and paid promo video feature on TikTok, IG, and Facebook. Selected submissions will also feature on our Lyric Video Channel. Mission statement: Publishes daily song reviews to Apple News. We also curate playlists for YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.
  21. EDM.com Electronic Dance Music Genre: Offer submission through third party paid submission website called Artist Intelligence. Mission statement: EDM.com is the definitive voice of modern electronic music. Our mission is to inspire and inform members of our community and the general public by providing balanced coverage of the worldwide EDM movement.
  22. Finest Ego Electronic Hip Hop Techno Genres: Accepts submission via SubmitHub. Mission statement: the new generation of beat smiths understands hip hop, techno and the diverse new styles between electronic and organic grooves evolving from them, not as a mere pose, but as an aesthetic principle, exploring the boundaries of these musical styles.
  23. Folk Alley Folk and Various Genres: Accepts folk and related music submissions via email on the contact page. Submission statement: Submitted music will be reviewed as time permits. Due to the extremely large number of submissions we receive and our extremely small staff, we’re sorry but we cannot respond individually or return CDs. Submitted music is not guaranteed airplay. Mission statement: Folk Alley is a public service, produced by the FreshGrass Foundation, that strives to bring folk, roots, and Americana music to the world via the Internet, reaching across the miles and the generations to provide global exposure for an art form with long-standing tradition and a loyal fan community.
  24. Wolf in a Suit Various Indie Genres: Submit songs via links to third party submission websites found on the submit music page. Submission statement: The Wolf in a Suit accepts music through the Submit hub and Human Human.
  25. Your EDM Electronic Dance Music Genre: Submit EDM music via a neat form on the contact page. Submission statement: Are you ready to submit your music for review? Our team will listen to submissions and post articles on the website about ones they like.
  26. High Five For Various Genres: Accepts music submissions mostly via SubmitHub. Submission statement: Apologies for any inconvenience. But I’m also just one guy with a blog & can only make space to listen/reply to so many submissions before that part of having a music blog starts eating time/energy away from more important areas.
  27. For The Rabbits Indie and Alternative Genres: Accepts various music styles for submission via email on the about page. Submission statement: We attempt to listen to everything we’re sent, but can’t always reply to everyone individually. We don’t discriminate by genre, but if you look around the site you’ll get a good idea of what we like.
  28. Gems & Secrets Various Genre: Another one of many websites that are only accepting music submissions via Submit Hub. Mission statement: Discovering the undiscovered, a platform dedicated to creative people and interesting places.
  29. Gig Goer Various Genres: A nice website that features song and album reviews album reviews along with live shows: Submission statement: Get intouch with email or form. Mission statement: On the other side of the stage to help you discover new music. Gig reviews and interviews. Song and album reviews. New music releases. All about upcoming bands and hot new artists to watch.
  30. Indie Folk Central Indie Folk Genres: Accepts folk music submissions with an email address and link to third party website. Mission statement: Indie Folk Central provides a continuous stream of indie folk music to people around the world. When you want to hear some good indie folk, you can count on Indie Folk Central. We share and promote the best artists through our SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify pages. If you are looking for the best, unknown, and unheard of indie folk music; Indie Folk Central is the place to be.
  31. Weirdo Wasteland Various Genres in Australia and New Zealand: Accepts song submissions via an email address provided on the contact page. Submission statement: We encourage musicians and labels to reach out with their music directly, though we’d recommend PR agencies avoid adding Weirdo Wasteland to their mailing lists unless they are certain they have a product that suits the overall theme of the content published here. Mission statement: Weirdo Wasteland’s mission is to write high quality feature pieces on antipodean bands and musicians, with the goal of increasing the awareness of their output to the rest of Australia and New Zealand and beyond.
  32. Kane FM Various Genres: Accepts music submits via a form on the contact page. Submission statement: If you are submitting music, please be aware that we do not play pop, rock or any other mainstream genre. We focus on roots and dance music of all genres that is not usually represented on commercial stations. Mission Statement: Kane FM has organically evolved from being a pirate radio station to its present legal status of a not-for-profit Community Radio Station based in Guildford and broadcasting the surrounding area via 103.7 FM and through the internet stream; it is also available on iPad and iPhone.
  33. UGSMAG Hip Hop Music Genre: Submit music links from the top media platforms using a form on the contact page. Submission statement: For digital submissions please include links to embedded media whenever possible YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc.
  34. Keep Walking Music Various Genres: Offers reviews via third party website, link is on the Submit music page. Mission statement: Keep Walking is an independent music blog based out of Spain & Morocco, formed in October 2011 by S. Ben Ali. Dedicated to discovering and featuring promising artists that we feel deserve a platform in the public eye. Run by S. Ben Ali and David Merino.
  35. Kid with a Vinyl Various Genres: Offer music review for consideration on their blog via email or third party website linked from the contact page. Submission statement: If you are a musician or band that would like your music to be considered for review, please send a link to your music (no attached files, please!) as well as a brief bio to our email address. We get so many submissions that we unfortunately can’t respond to them all, but if your music fits the general tone of the site, please know that I will definitely be in touch. Mission statement: kid with a vinyl is an austin-based independent blog devoted to covering the best new music spanning multiple genres and micro-genres from all over the world. it is updated multiple times a week, with a new album review usually posted every weekend.
  36. Indie Is Not a Genre Various Genres: Offers music submission via third party website, I’m sure you can guess which one by now. Link is on the about/contact page. Submission statement: In order to plan ahead, we accept unreleased songs only. Please only submit if the release date is at least a week away. Please include a high resolution photo of your band and a press release or biography. Mission statement: Looking for excellent music? Then you have come to the right music blog. We provide you with the latest news on the hottest indie bands, deliver you great music reviews of indie rock and tell you all about the coolest gigs.
  37. Obscure Sound Various Genres: Submit music via email or the various third party submission websites listed on the contact page. Submission statement: For track submissions send the track link with a photo and some background information via Fluence, Submithub, HumanHuman or email. Mission statement: This site’s aim is to provide music fans with the latest and greatest music, preferably from artists you’ve never heard of before. We provide streaming and/or downloadable audio in addition to accompanying write-ups. Most of our content is track-focused, with an option for listeners to hear more.
  38. Indie Shuffle Various Genres: Offers playlist and song consideration for their blog via third party website linked from the about page or menu. Submission statement: Want to submit music? You can do so via SubmitHub. Mission statement: At Indie Shuffle, we believe humans are better than robots when it comes to music discovery. Think about it. How many of your favorite bands were recommended to you by a friend? That’s why we’ve assembled a team of international writers to bring you the best music, including indie rock, hip hop, electronic, and everything in between.
  39. LA On Lock Various Genres: Offer submissions for songs, mixtapes, events, music articles and news via third party website. Submission statement: Submit your Songs, Mixtapes, Events, Blogs, Instrumentals, News, & More. Submit your music at to LA On Lock & we’ll post you on our site! Mission statement: LA On Lock is a media platform for independent music. We have been committed to providing coverage for up & coming artists out of Los Angeles & beyond since 2013. We brand ourselves on being The #1 Source For Underground Hype in Los Angeles.
  40. Tonspion Various Genres: Offers song submission via third party website link on their send music page. Submission statement. A lot of our editors make music themselves and we all know how frustrating it is to get no feedback for their music. Promoters are also used to sending mass mails and hardly anyone answering them. There is a good reason for that. To hear and answer all the promos, we would need a huge editorial team and still would not have earned anything. Mission statement: In recent years, the number of releases on Spotify and Co. has been exploding. We get hundreds of submissions every day. We have not been able to read promo emails and newsletters for a long time.
  41. Nord Music Review Various Nordic Genres for UK: Accepts new album submissions for Nordic music within the United Kingdom via third party website linked on the contact page. Mission statement: Nordic Music Review is simply an excuse for us to write about Nordic music. Clearly by calling it a ‘review’ we are making some judgments as we go along, but only really to distinguish between what we quite like, really like and absolutely love.
  42. Moonlith Cocktail Various Genres: Accepts submissions via an email address on the contact page. Submission statement: Monolith Cocktail is always looking for guest contributions and new collaborations. Though we will consider any format and appreciate that due to costs and time it can’t always be viable, we always consider physical copies, either on CD or vinyl, above digital streams. This won’t however necessarily guarantee a review. Mission statement: Dominic Valvona’s contemplative music blog, launched in 2010, built on a lifetime of music obsession.
  43. Caesar Live N Loud Various Genres: Accepts free song submission via third party website, linked on the contact page. Mission statement: I am just a music lover! I love music. It’s a part of my days and I can’t go a day without it. I just can’t. The blog is a means to share with all of you my passion for music and to be able to share new acts with you. The blog focuses on positivity and love for the music. It’s not a pretentious, super-picky blog about music. I am not a technical music reviewer that provides an in-depth and super technical analysis of a song. That’s not the purpose of this blog.
  44. B-Side Guys Various Genres: Accepts submission via third party website linked on the submissions page. Submission statement: To guarantee we hear your song, use a premium credit, you can also use a general credit and we will try to get to it, but we can’t make any promises. We are currently receiving hundreds of submissions a day, and premium is really the only way we can guarantee to get to it. Sorry for any inconvenience. Mission statement: This a music podcast and blog started by Seth Williams and Caleb Alexander. We both have a passion for undiscovered music, and thought there might be others out there like us. Our goal is to shine a light on little known artists in a way that is mutually beneficial for our audience and the bands featured.
  45. We Rave You Electronic Dance Music Genre: Offers paid promotion via a form on the promotions page. Submission statement: If you feel you’d like to get involved and submit your track for review, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please note, productions must be of a high quality and a conditional charge is required per full promotional feature. Mission statement: We Rave You, standing strong as one of world’s leading networks in the Dance Music industry. With support from major artists and known labels, offers a unique promotional service. If you’re interested in having your material as producers shown to over 1,000,000+ followers and dedicated EDM fans, look no further.
  46. Country Fried Rock Country Music Genre: Accepts country music albums for consideration via an email address on the contact page. Submission statement: For consideration of your music for our podcast, we strongly recommend that you look at our archives and listen to a program before you submit. Lots of details. We only accept original music–albums, not singles. If you do not write your songs, do not send us your music. Mission statement: Sloane Spencer will tell you that music changed her life. She championed Americana music long before she knew it had a name. Like many ultra-fans of music discovery, Spencer started a music blog, Country Fried Rock, and quickly added a Top 5 streaming station in its genre. By 2012, Spencer’s friendly, knowledgeable interviews found their way to shine as podcasts.
  47. IndiePulse Music Magazine Indie Music Genre: Offers artist and band reviews and interviews. Contact via email on the about page. Submission statement: We are presently looking for artists and bands to interview and review. Article topics and suggestion. General content and writers that want to submit content. Mission statement: Welcome to IndiePulse Music Zine, a journalistic and music news magazine online. We cover stories about the indie music artists that are doing what they want and pursuing their destiny.
  48. Indie Rock Cafe Indie Music Genre: They offer paid single and album reviews via a neat form on the submit music for review page. Submission statement: Submit your music for review on Indie Rock Cafe, one of the longest-running, most influential indie music blogs since 2008. During the past 12 years, IRC has posted thousands of artists and bands and hosted more than 15 million + visitors from 42 countries. You can reach tens of thousands of music lovers. We do our best to listen to all music submissions, but the truth is we receive hundreds a month. We often cannot post about many good artists and bands simply due only to time and resources. Due to this and to help pay our costs for professional music writers and because artists and bands have asked for a quicker, surefire way to get reviewed, we started The Priority Review donation option. Mission statement: Best new indie rock music, songs, bands, album reviews and playlists.
  49. POPMUZIK Pop Music Genre: Accepts pop music submits via SubmitHub. Submission statement: You can submit your latest single via SubmitHub and I will listen to it there. Include a presentation about the song and artist, as well as links to image and social media. Everything to make it as easy as possible to write about the song.
  50. Sodwee Various Genres: Accepts music submission via 2 different third party websites linked from the contact page. Submission statement: You want your music considered for a feature on our music blog? Follow the steps provided on SubmitHub or HumanHuman when you click on the links.We tend to publish music we like to defend. Music we enjoy. A quick browse through the blog will give you a sense of the editorial. Mission statement: We’ve been around since early 2006. Providing the best nuggets of music week in, week out. We started showcasing a track or video per week due to bandwidth limits back in those days. Thankfully, technology and access to decent broadband connections around the world has changed the face of the music industry for the long run. And consequently has enabled to post more than a track and video a week.
  51. Purple Melon Music Various Genres: They offer submissions via contact form or email address provided on the contact page. This website hardly loaded when I went on it but it might be worth a try. Submission statement: If you’d like to get in touch with us regarding submissions, be they music or articles, then fill out the form or contact us directly via email.
  52. Songdew Various Genres: Nice website with tons of features after you create an account. Submission statement: Upload your songs on Songdew and get access to powerful promotional tools. Boost your digital presence with campaigns, banners and PR activities. Mission statement: Redefine the way you release music with Songdew Fresh. Amp up your release with 150 partner platforms, TV broadcast and promotion tools.
  53. Unheard Gems Various Genres: Submit music via a link to third party website on the about page. Submission statement: Unheard Gems is dedicated to finding the best new artists and music that the rest of the world needs to hear. Unheard Gems will bring you articles on musicians, music reviews, custom music playlists, and exclusive artist interviews with musicians you either love already or want to know. Mission statement: Founded by Hannah Schneider, Unheard Gems is a platform for new and emerging musicians to share their voices and their stories. Hannah’s fresh perspective into the music industry provides music listeners and artists alike new questions and information that you might not be able to find anywhere else.
  54. Ransom Note Dance Music Genre: Accepts music submissions via an email address that can be found on the footer of the website (Bottom of the page) that reads ‘Send Us Music’. Mission statement: Ransom Note is an online music, arts and culture magazine. We provide a home for readers and writers with boundless enthusiasm, esoteric knowledge, fierce opinions and impeccable taste.
  55. Saving Country Music Various Country Music Genres: Offers country music submission via an email form on the contact page. Submission statement: Please understand that saving country music tries to listen and review as many albums as possible, but unfortunately cannot feature everything that is submitted. please note that ep’s, splits, and singles are reviewed only in rare or exceptional cases. saving country music does not do song/video premiers or exclusives. Full length albums are preferred. Mission statement: Saving Country Music’s purpose is spelled out in its name. It offers news, opinion, reviews, artist profiles, music history, and the always-popular off-color pop country bashing. Saving Country Music primarily focuses on country, but also covers roots, rockabilly, bluegrass, blues, and folk music. First and foremost, Saving Country Music is a consumer advocate and an industry watchdog. Saving Country Music consistently receives on average of nearly half a million unique visitors a month.
  56. Rock The Pigeon Various Genres: Offer music reviews along with artist and band interviews via a third party website linked on the contact page. Submission statement: To be interviewed by Rock The Pigeon or to have your music reviewed or featured please submit via Submit Hub. Mission statement: Rock The Pigeon started as an anonymously written indie music blog based in east bay area. now we have expanded our writers throughout the us and we cover all types of music, art, culture, and stories. we also take submissions from guest bloggers.
  57. Run The Trap Trap Music Hip Hop House Dubstep Genres: Accepts Hip hop music submissions via contact form or email address proved on the submit music contact page. Submission statement: Feel free to hit us up with any new music, advertising opportunities, partnerships, and any other inquiries. Providing a tiny description of what the song is like/ or what we can expect to hear in the title of the email always helps. Please only include private or live soundcloud streams, any mp3 attachments will not be reviewed. Mission statement: Run The Trap was created in July 2012 to bring underground trap music and other related genres to the forefront and highlight the forward thinking sounds being produced across the globe. We at RTT are very selective of the music we post, and make sure to only share the utmost quality works on our website.
  58. Tanzgemeinschaft Electronic House Progressive Techno Genres: Accepts electronic music artists and demo reviews for their music news blog, newsletter and podcasts. Submit music via an email form on the contact page with the following guidelines. Submission statement: When requesting a guest mix do give background info about yourself: bio, social links. When requesting a premiere, do add the release date (take in consideration at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance). When requesting an interview, give us a reason and enough background info. When requesting a review, at least send us info about the artist, add the promo text, social links. When submitting a demo, make sure we can stream it. NO downloads (zip, wetransfer). Add a guiding text about you as an artist and info about the release. Mission statement: Tanzgemeinschaft as a magazine was brought into life at the beginning of 2014. In the decade before we operated in other formats in Belgium: Four In Trance, Beat 4 Beat. The main focus then was to promote young local and international talents via underground events in sometimes abandoned or industrial places. Today we continue and support young talents by giving them an online platform and promote their music.
  59. Sing Out Folk Music Genre: Accepts folk music submission on the music news and radio show. Submit songs via email address provided on the submit page. Submission statement: We are always looking for good singable songs to share with our readers, and welcome suggestions or ideas!
  60. Spinrilla Hip Hop Music Genre: Test out your Hip Hop luck by submitting your music via the contact form.
  61. Stereofox Various Genres: Accepts music submits via a link to third party provider on the contact page. Submission statement: We don’t accept email submissions right now. Reading more than 100 e-mails a day is impossible, disorganized and overwhelming, hence we’re trying out SubmitHub. Using the platform is also helping us support the project financially and allows us to push this forward. You will find all info on how to sign up and send us music there. Mission statement: Stereofox is a passion-driven, international project involving people from various cultural and educational backgrounds, united by the love for music. Our goal is to share interesting and diverse music and help upcoming bands by spreading the word about their music.
  62. The Blue Walrus Various Genres: Submit your music via an email address provided on the contact page. Submission statement: Digital submissions are welcome. We try to listen to everything we get sent, but that is not always possible with the high volume of submissions we get. Mission statement: I started The Blue Walrus in 2006 as a way to share my passion for new music and monthly mixtapes with a wider audience back when I spent my life split between Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  63. The World is Bond Hip Hop Music Genre: Submit your Hip Hop music via a neat form on the submissions page. Mission statement: When The Word Is Bond started in 2010, the hip-hop landscape was a different place, characterised by an overbearing commercial influence. In response, our vision was to promote the underground emcees we loved and share music which was underexposed.
  64. 12XU Punk Rock Genre: Submit rock music via a form or by SubmitHub. Submission statement: I now also accept submissions of standalone tracks, however they’ll be posted here in a bare-bones, tweet-style fashion. Albums, EPs and singles, everything with at least two tracks on it will get a full blog post, under the condition that the release is available as a digital download (paid or free, i’m fine with both). I don’t consider posting physical-only releases or stuff that’s only available as a soundcloud / youtube stream with no intention of giving it a proper digital release.
  65. Powerpopholic Pop Music Genre: Submit music via a form on the contact page. Submission statement: Keep in mind, we will not review your album if it doesn’t relate to the power pop or melodic rock and roll in some way. We do NOT usually review singles, or demo music. I am all for DIY publishing, but unless its on some distribution platform such as Bandcamp, CD Baby, Amazon or Itunes. My readers can’t get to it and therefore I will not promote it. Also, it takes about a week or two to get through the pile before it’s posted online. We prefer downloads, but you can send CDs too. Mission statement: The Power Popaholic is a premier music blog that focuses on the genre of power pop and melodic rock. We also report on live shows, tour dates, gossip, MP3’s, videos and just about anything a power pop fan could want. The sites reviews continue to grow with over 2,000 reviews and a total audience of 879,727 page views.
  66. Idolator Pop Music Genre: Submit music via the contact page where you will find a link to a music submission form. Submission statement: Are you a musician? Would you like to be featured on Idolator? Submit your info and samples here! Mission statement: Increase your brand’s exposure by partnering with Idolator and reaching an audience of 20+ million unique visitors monthly. With our fresh and engaging content, Idolator’s readers receive a custom-tailored experience each time they visit the site one that’s geared specifically to their interests, behaviors, and engagement levels.
  67. Atwood Magazine Various Genres: Submit music via an email address provided under the artist press link on the about page. Submission statement: We seek out fresh voices from all over the globe with the goal of promoting the arts. We strive to create a collective of artistic visionaries, fostering a venue for collaboration and innovation with the aim to showcase not only incredible creation, but also the stories behind them. Mission statement: We are celebrators of creativity. Atwood Magazine is an independent music journal dedicated to providing authentic writing, engaging, insightful editorials, and unique perspectives on music.

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