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Submit Playlist links from Spotify and Soundcloud fast and free to Harmonic Wings audio, playlist and music video submission website. Simply grab the share link or URL to your playlist on Spotify or Soundcloud and past it in the form below with the other playlist details.

Harmonic Wings Music uses the Google API to index your playlist submission to Google search results page almost instantly and the playlist you submit is automatically converted to an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) for super fast loading on mobile phones, tablets along with laptop/desktop web browsers. Converting a web page to AMP also ranks better in Google’s mobile search results, where you will find it with a small bolt of lightning next to the listing in the mobile search pages. Most of the bigger social networks and websites support and endorse AMP too. Check out the AMP Website here.

For the best results please read all the instructions on the combined song, playlist and music videos Submission Music page.

Submit Music Songs Playlists and Music Video URLs to Harmonic Wings

Shortly after creating my own guitarist and musician website Ylia Callan Guitar I was looking around the internet for websites that I could submit music to. I decided to create a fast loading website where you can submit audio track, playlists and music videos instantly. Publishing your music media directly with all the correct open graph and playlist microdata / structured data tags along with a clever play button share image and all quick as lightning after pressing the Submit Music button. Fill in the details in the free playlist submission form below and wait a few seconds for processing.

Submit Music to Playlist Submission List on Harmonic Wings

Free Spotify Soundcloud Playlist Submission

  1. Enter a user name.
  2. Add a link to your Website, Channel or Social Profile.
  3. Give your playlist submission a unique title in English that consists 5-10 keywords. Example: Playlist Name – Music Genre or Category (Rock Music Playlist) – Artist/Band or Compilation Name.
  4. Add the music genre as a keyword for category placement and social network post. Examples: Singer Songwriter, Instrumental Music, Acoustic Music.
  5. Add some music notes describing your playlist.Β 
  6. Choose Playlists as a category.
  7. Copy your Playlist link from Spotify or Soundcloud and then paste it into the Song Playlist or Video Link text box.
  8. Max 2 Submissions per day.
  9. Place your Twitter handle in the title to be notified on Twitter.

Spotify Soundcloud Playlist Free Submission Form

* Indicates Required Fields.

Please complete the required fields.
Not required for YouTube videos except playlists.

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Please wait for processing time 10-15 seconds to be redirected after pressing the submit music button. If you filled in all the details and your music playlist submission is looks and sounds good, I might give it a social networking post on TwitterReddit and other social networks. Enjoy!


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Submit Spotify Soundcloud Playlists to Harmonic Wings Free Music Submission and Streaming Website.

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