Talk To Me – Angelix – Rap

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I am submitting my music video for a song that is very near and dear to me called β€œTalk To Me”. This song is about the suicide’s of all 3 of my lifelong best friends, it is a true story put to song, one that was incredibly difficult to write and create but I felt was divinely inspired to release and have my experiences and pain used to help others who might be struggling with suicide or suicidal thoughts. I feel like there has never been a time in which a song and video like this was needed in our world. Letting people know, if your struggling with these feelings, you can talk to me, you can talk to someone. Talking about it is so key, especially among men who feel the need to bottle these feelings up, so I let the song spark the conversation and letting men and women know its ok to talk about it. Sean Tamman Music.

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