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Attached, please find a YouTube link of the single, The Evil, from the concept album BENEATH THE MASK by the band Alaeddin. “The Evil" is one of several new singles available for reviewing purposes for Obscure Sound in advance of the albums August 24th release. If you like what you hear the complete album will be available for your review on August 2nd.

Conceived, created, written, and orchestrated by the award-winning singer|songwriter, Emo Alaeddin — “Beneath the Mask” is the follow-up album to “A Whole New World” and the second Act of this two-hour Angelic Rock Opera combined.

Angelic Rock Opera, as defined by Emo, is a rock opera-like genre that is sung with soaring English and Arabic vocals. Arabic is used to represent the angels in both albums and Arabic pharyngeal sounds are used to represent the demons in “Beneath the Mask."

Both albums follow the journey of Kulna (“all of us” in Arabic) as he traverses through his world of chaos, loss, and eventual self-discovery.

Angelic Rock Opera was presented to the public for the first time in 2019 with “A Whole New World.” In Act I, told in 13 Chapters, Kulna is guided by his angels Gabriel, Sachiel, and Rafael who represent Kulna’s conscience, as he goes from darkness to light, from pain to joy, and from fear to love. Act II, “Beneath the Mask,” told in 12 Chapters, completes Kulna’s story.

We would love for you to check out “The Evil” and give us your feedback. Again, we can make the entire “Beneath the Mask” album available for your review on August 2nd.

Emo Alaeddin is an Arab American, award-winning singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist/producer, and band leader of the angelic rock opera band, Alaeddin. Having trained with internationally renowned vocal coaches, Emo is a powerhouse vocalist who sings in two languages: Arabic and English, with an impressive and mighty range of five octaves. Emo records all the instruments (with the exception of the drums) and mixes and masters all of his instruments to create the unique angelic rock opera sound.

Emo’s music career has spanned two decades, performing in venues and festivals around the world in countries such as China, Denmark, England, Germany, Jordan, Spain, Syria, the UAE, and the United States. His music awards include a nomination for best male vocals at the 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards; winner of the 2012 “Street to Stage” music competition held by Rolling Stone Middle East magazine; and winner of the 2014 songwriting contest in the rock category for a song that he wrote about his niece Maya. MTV has featured two of Emo’s videos and Rolling Stone ran a two-page spread about Emo during his 5-year residency in the Middle East.
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