The Golden Fleece – dat brass – jazz-punk

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Drawing parallels between Jason’s quest on the Argo and the struggles of young people in employment, dat Brass’ MC Looby rants against corporate loyalty atop bubbling brass in their single, β€˜The Golden Fleece’. Treading the line between epic dystopian philosophy and a floor-filling call to arms, β€˜Fleece’ is the ideal introduction to upcoming album, β€˜dB’ - a unique mix of new British jazz, old British punk, contemporary dance music and classic hip-hop. β€˜Fleece’ builds to a crescendo of distorted horns, driven drums and sub-bass from MD Rudd, ending with a soaring, effects-driven alto solo from Jake Heath that demands a replay. Rudd and Looby expand upon the song’s themes in an animated music video rallying against greed and excess. The band relish in expanding what is expected of artists, creating in-house media and working closely with independent artists to reiterate their message. dat Brass Music.

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