The Purest by Pure Flow

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Pure Flow is a 17 year old musical songwriter, singer, producer, and mixer from the Midwest (Minnesota). He has spent the last year creating this 20 song album for his debut album (Also, there is a deluxe releasing June 1st with 15 Studio Recorded β€˜bangers’). Since he was 6 years old in 2009, he has been writing music. 11 years later his debut project is going to be released. The April 28th release date is not only that, but it is his 17th Birthday. Trying to make a change in his community, he started a music label (That he owns, but is not signed to), Pure Music, in 2017. He currently has multiple artists on his label signed to him. Any help to put the Minnesota rap scene on the map is appreciated. His main goal is to help as many families pull themselves up from the bottom. This includes a list of artists that are jobless or trying to help pay for their families rent. Since the start, Pure has paid all release and promotion for his artists out of kindness. Pure, now releasing his own album, is looking for any help promotionaly. The simple things mean the most.
Cole Ranweiler Music.

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