The roblox top ten is the only thing that matters and it is getting harder to chart into – Critics say

Today, data analyzers say that 2021 is looking to be the year with the least number one roblox songs with only 29 this year. 2019 brought us 98 number one songs and 2020 brought us 142. "The roblox music industry is currently drying up" says Interstreet Recordings CEO, "All the hit makers are either retiring from being board, or they are being dropped by there labels." The roblox music scene has been a pretty big area for people to either grow there fan-base for meme songs, or just making really weird and odd songs. As data analyzers say, 2018 was the best year for roblox music with 202 number one songs and 231 top ten songs. People say now days that the top ten is the only thing that matters and are the only songs that will be rememberd. Is roblox music fading? Harmonic Wings Roblox Music.

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