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Critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter duo The Arrow and The Bow, featuring the angelic voices and ethereal lyrics from Hillary Reynolds and Hannah Lou Woods, have released their first single in nearly five years. “Universe” (High Vibe Records) is available now on all DSPs and, according to the pair, it is the first of a new collection of songs.

Describing the track as more “raw and Earthy” than past songs with an “eclectic folk/world/pop vibe,” Reynolds and Woods say “Universe” was initially penned in 2016 for their self-titled, debut EP. However, with only vocals and drums, they felt it didn’t fit with their eponymous release and decided to hold on to it – until now.

“Universe,” which was recorded at Ugly Duck Studios (Boston, MA) and co-produced with Dave Chapman, is the first in a new collection of songs from The Arrow and The Bow. The pair is currently in the early stages of recording their second single which is slated for a 2022 release. The forthcoming assortment of music will be their first since their debut album The Arrow and The Bow (2016), which catapulted them to the top of the indie singer-songwriter scene.
However, while the duo has not released music together in over five years, they have been busy writing and recording as solo artists and for other bands and musicians. In fact, Reynolds co-wrote one of Little Big Town’s hits from their 2020 #1 Billboard-charting album Nightfall and found success with her 2021 single “What Faith Is,” which garnered critical acclaim including Skope Magazine who wrote:

“Hillary Reynolds is a vibrant singer/songwriter who has graced us with her touching performance on the blessed, new single titled ‘What Faith Is’. The song is all about hope and ‘What Faith Is’ is a bright spark in today’s wild world.”
Woods was also busy unveiling new music in 2021 with her electronic folk/pop duo We Saw Lions. The pair released their sophomore EP Flesh & Bone (High Vibe Records) to critical and fan acclaim, which helped propel them to 80,000 monthly listeners and over 2.4 million streams on Spotify. The album’s debut single “Skeletons” was so revered by critics that The Deli Magazine heralded it as:

“An impressive debut, both vulnerable and optimistic. Woods' vocal performance is pitch-perfect in tone and character, and Chapman's production is present and supportive, without ever being heavy-handed." (Brian Varneke, The Deli Magazine, Boston and New England)

Prior to Flesh & Bone, We Saw Lions went viral with their hit single “Cellular Upgrade (We Saw Lions Remix)” (2020), which now has 2.3 million streams on Spotify, and enjoyed success with their debut EP Wake Up (Jumpsuit Records; Ayla Nereo, Polish Ambassador).

Yet, even after being apart, now that they are back together again, The Arrow and The Bow say they feel as if they haven’t missed a beat. “After five years of waiting, we finally felt like it was the right time to release ‘Universe’,” said Woods. “We are already in the beginning stages of co-producing our next single and exploring remote recording with each of us in different locations. Everything is naturally falling into place, just as it always has.”

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