The Walk – The Second Serving – the noodle boys – Indie Folk, Alternative, Indie

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Using alluring imagery, The Walk, expresses the journey of those people in our lives that we hold to the highest respect, even after death. β€œOde to fallen idols, smashed on the floor,” Brett Frigon, bellows as a last call to those that have come to the days of old. However, like a smokescreen the bouncing bass line and enigmatic guitar riffs keeps an upbeat atmosphere around these hard truths. The music surrounds the melancholic lyrics with an air of acceptance and positivity. Tying it all together, life’s personal voyage for each of us can be found resonating through every chorus.

β€œ ...and I know that it all must go. In the end, my friend it will be bitter and it will be cold, the walk, the walk, where the young will become the old."

No soft noodles here. With lead vocalist and drummer, Brett Frigon, delivering fierce lyrics while simultaneously holding down a thunderous beat, it’s a mood setter from the start. This energy is seasoned with hints of rock and roll, indie and soul. Known for their heartening energy and charismatic stage presence their live shows are sure to leave you feeling full, warm and affable. the noodle boys Music.

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