To Be Shi

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To be SHI is an expressive R&B Ep that consists of heartbreak, social experiences, and life lessons while also incorporating the complex personality of the artist SHI herself. โ€œCTRLโ€ which is the first song on the Ep gives the listener a warm and inviting sensation allowing you to sit back, relax, and vibe with SHI. While also hitting you with the hidden intensity that the lyrics have to offer. โ€œGame Changerโ€ and โ€œ Love Me Nowโ€ open up the complicated relationships that the artist SHI has encountered as a teenager, feeding you organic emotions that might confuse a first time listener, but as you re- listen and dive deeper into the lyrics these convoluted love songs start to make sense and expose the development of young love in todayโ€™s society. โ€œAfro Puffsโ€ is a coming of age song that highlights the development of SHI as a young West- Indian/ African American child. Showcasing the trials and tribulations of a young chocolate soul. โ€œConfusedโ€ recognizes the heartbreak in SHIโ€™s life, from the over contemplation and regret that surfaces in the lyrics. The last song โ€œSMOKEโ€ was created to halt the convoluting thoughts that are constantly mentioned within the EP. itโ€™s simply a song of encouragement that carries nothing but raw emotion and a reminder that SHI donโ€™t bangs with none of these hoes. Shi Music.

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