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I see that this is what you do when something doesn't go your way

The Fam Recording Artist


Tunisha Wiley, CEO, founded “The Fam Recording Artist” in Chicago, IL along with investor Lee Lewis. If you’ve been following “The Fam” on social media you already know their family-over-everybody mission takes no prisoners and definitely no outsiders. This well-rounded group of artists use words as a weapon against bad vibes and short money. “The Fam Recording Artist” are a versatile music group who make music people can sit back and chill to or get up and dance to. Taking pride in creating a variety of music, they have tracks for all people and all moods. Their songs cover everything from normal life changes and struggles to partying, chilling and parenthood. No matter who you are, you can vibe to “The Fam” any day of the week. Like any dope group of talented go-getters, they have doubters popping out the woodworks. “The Fam Recording Artist” has a hidden talent, shutting haters down vocabulary instead of violence. Not only do they motivate and support each other to hustle everyday but they have gone viral, inspiring people of all ages to do them and live life to the fullest! In an industry normally seen as cut-throat, “The Fam Recording Artist” takes a stand in promoting “Independent Music Artist Unity”. This talented group offers entertainment and good music while showing their peers love and support. Their contagious energy spreads to all they collaborate with throughout the independent music scene. Stay tuned to watch “The Fam Recording Artist” and witness the nationwide Family First Takeover!!!!

Tunishawiley Music.

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