Truu Scotchy Intro – Hip-Hop/Rap – Truu Scotchy (a.k.a. Spyderman24)

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My music is very hardcore rap with mostly street/explicit lyrics. It evokes and creates an atmosphere of what life is like in Atlanta's streets. Specifically, it talks about how difficult it is for an indie/unsigned rap artist to make a name for himself in this cutthroat industry in which mainstream artists (like Kanye, Drake, etc.) tend to take up all the spotlight. This single is my comeback single in which I re-launched my career under a new stage name, Truu Scotchy. My former stage name was Spyderman24 (hence, the reason why I call myself Truu Scotchy [aka Spyderman24]). Earlier in my career, I was known as Spyderman24. Now (since 2015), I'm known as Truu Scotchy. Please note that there is a slight delay. The song starts at 0:08. Terry Whatley Music.

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