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Composer: Nguyễn Hải Nam
Producer & Director: Nguyễn Tuấn Anh
Cast: Huyền Trang , Trần Cường, Vũ Jason, Huỳnh Lâm Anh
Editor & VFX: Đình Quốc Toàn
Colorist: Hoàng Mạc
D.O.P Phi Tân Camera: Cường Đặng Focus: Mr Long
Assitant Director1: Thắng Leon Assistant Director 2: Kiến Hào
Make Up: Dũng Dặng Hair Stylist: Ngọc Cosplay
Wardrobe: Cổ Y Concept, Huyền Trang Cổ Y Quán
Equipment: Lens Pro Lighting: Hải 94 Designer: Ốc Ma Team
Flycam: Huy Văn Poster Designer: Trần Toàn Hậu
Actors: Huyền Trang , Trần Cường, Vũ Jason, Huỳnh Lâm Anh
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It's finally here, my first ever music video, Tuyet Vong (Hopeless Romance). I hope you guys enjoy the video! Don't forget to tell me what you think in the comment! Please like, share, and subscribe. Thank you!

The mortal story people tell each other
There was a guy, deeply in love with a fairy goddess
A love story, dainty like yellow flowers
Nothing can separate me from you
When the rain suddenly comes
My father ordered, to bring me back home
The deplorable tears drop is too far away
Our unfulfilled predestined love makes my heart ache

My predestined love story has contemplated silence
Why does anyone have to, heartlessly separate
For thousands of years, tears flowed
He and I, we are inseparable
Once far away, ten thousand years of melancholy
Bring nostalgia between the clouds
Pain like a thousand needles, I looked at the sky
Being away from you, make the storm in my heart grows evermore Huyen Trang Music.

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