Un labile tepore (A fleeting warmth) – Singer Songwriter – by Valerio Cinque

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My name is Valerio Cinque and I'm an Italian singer-songwriter and musician.

This is my first LP, titled "A Fleeting Warmth".
I wanted to dedicate it to motherly love, that love that is unique in the world and as precious as it is fragile, a love that is a very part of life but also remains forever. Not only that, I wanted to dedicate it also and especially to those "left behind", who have suffered the pain of a loss.
The ten tracks are connected by a personal journey of discovery and growth through an emotional experience, told without any fear.

The album boasts the collaboration of 19 musicians, notable among which are the Brunnori Sas string quartet. In addition to the influence of artists such as Fabrizio De Andre' and Francesco De Gregori, for this album I was inspired by the essence of Lucio Battisti.

In fact, "Un Labile Tepore" has received a Special Mention of Merit from Mogol, Lucio Battisti's co-songwriter, on the occasion of the 7th CET Awards for Songwriters. The lyrics of the same song were featured in an anthology of poems compiled by Mogol.

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