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Melbourne’s alt hip hop breakthrough glu ups the ante with VHS the lead single of his debut album, ULTRAGLU both set for public release on the 18th of June.

Big on energy, chaos and all things lit, glu comes correct, and with pace on VHS, a collaborative posse track featuring some of the most promising rising artists within his genre. glu, GIOVANNI FROM KEPLER-22 & 2B bring authority and presence taming the futuristic mashed electronic production.

The track hits like LSD in a dystopian future, there are moments of pure bravado broken by a flowing tuned hook, the production rises and falls to compliment the pace and energy of each artist.

Collaboratively glu and Voidhood turned what would be a mash of sounds into a holistic, hard, and vibrant track allowing each artist to explore their individual influences and strengths.

β€œI really love Gio’s part, it just adds a completely different flavour to the track that breaks it up really nicely for me. I was expecting him to do some track-up rapping but what he delivered was so much more than that. I was a massive fan of his before I reached out to him and he’s honestly the dopest guy to work with.” - glu glu Music.

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