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secret birthday - walt 6isney

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β€œall our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – walt disney


walt 6isney lyrics

now what is this ring youre wearing here it looks like its weighing your hand down
well no its a magical ring
it is
i have little children rub it make a wish and it comes true
little children come near you
of course
little children
what kind of a wish did that ring ever make come true
well i would say a great many wishes

ready for whatever i could tether anything back to me
life is all a play and this is acting
come and dance with the devil if you feel lucky
@ me
wrap around my neck like a choker
spin around 360
i could show you how to float away
16 full metal birthday
im walt disney
i crΠ΅ate nirvana
six teen spirit watch this
look mama i could walk inside the tv
in and out this body
this is 33d
close your eyes for what you can't imagine
act 1 tear this witch apart
wrist bussin off the mirror ball
i could make you disappear
to the other side
walking on the ceiling
diamonds dancing like a chandelier
its just you and me
i fell out the sky like a nigga too evil
look into my eyes
look into my eyes
i could see right through the looking glass
and its crystal clear
tell me a story
everything is make believe
i could raise the dead
animation hidden hands
im a new creation
come and find me at tomorrowland secret birthday Music.

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