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secret birthday - walt 6isney

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Secret Birthday (born August 4, 1996), is an American actor, magician and recording artist from Anaheim, California.

Birthday started his music career in 2020 releasing a single titled β€œWalt 6isney” on Apple Music. His walt 6isney release marks the beginning of the charismatic rappers chapter into stardom. This record also sheds light to the end of a posthumous period of creativity that has seen us raise the standard of a solo legacy out of musics frame of introspection, taking full control of our bright new world. Honoring the Walt Disney heritage, Birthday pulls stars out of the sky with a clever play on words, bouncing around this record like a luxo ball out of a Pixar film.

The history Disneyland has created over 60 years is a far reaching idea to tether, but hearing the record as an experience in itself remains mysteriously rewarding. Secret Birthday and Los Angeles producer 16 turned the artists obsessions with Walt Disney and child-like spirituality into an intricate, stunningly performed rap story. From the magical analog conversation at the start to the surprising 808 drop it could leave you falling into a dark spell. A quarter century after the most legendary artists in hip hop rap comes a new character.

After graduating from Carson High School, Birthday attended Yale University to study computer science and after a semester decided to drop out of the academy, moving back to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor. secret birthday β˜… Music.

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