Want A Cheeto? – Trap – Lil Chop-47

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Lil Chop-47 Is a upcoming rapper from Chicago. Lil Chop-47 age is 12 years old. He started making music when he was 7-8 the name of β€œLil Caples”, somebody hacked his YouTube Channel. He was gonna quit but a wise person told him to never give up. So he kept rapping and got in some beef with a Gamer Youtuber Named β€œQxlzify”. Lil Chop-47 changed his name 4 times.
1. Lil Chopper
2. Lul Sorrow
4. Lil Chop-47
Lil Chop is continuing making music for his fans and making money for his family. Lil Chop-47 Music.

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