What’s So Good About Brandon? – JXCKY

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Melbourne based artist JXCKY (pronounced: Jacky), is finalising his 2020 with pop,
RnB infused single titled, What’s So Good About Brandon?

Following his most recent release, Lockdown Lover, which gained JXCKY a
massive amount of industry and audience awareness, this new release promises to
showcase a wider range of creativity and soul.

The new single (produced by Stuart Le Brander – SB90), underlines a post summer
break-up despair, a position many individuals have found themselves in. The denial,
anger and struggle to accept, in the midst of secrets, confessions and constant
comparison, that the ideal outcome sought in a love affair will never happen.

What’s So Good About Brandon? will be available worldwide on Friday, November
27th 2020.
Jacky Chen Music.

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