Why Don’t Say Hi

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β€œWhy Don’t Say Hi” is a R&B/Soul song with electronic elements co-produced by himself and Chase Jackson. The instruments include a low, moody and over-tuned piano hook pairing with a catchy electronic drum beat. Both synthetic and live strings play a key
role in the higher range with the dynamic sound of harp supporting on the side. The bass tracks also help create the darkness vibe relating to the story of the song.
The lyrics are inspired by the dating scenes and hook-up culture in London. The song is an irony of a 180-degree change, from having sexual intimacy with someone on a rst date or night out, to becoming a total stranger over an evening. The lyrics also express
the fear of taking the initiative to explore
the potentials of bonding with someone
and developing something more after the encounter. It is hard to take the wall down and become vulnerable when it comes to expressing feelings. As a result, people might just avoid to get too attached to someone they are attracted to emotionally. Danny Leung Music.

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