Why ? – Shan.X

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20 year-old rapper, singer, model and YouTube personality Shan.X just released her third single in the past few weeks titled β€œWhy ? β€œ. The Alternative R&B track showcases a new sound for Shan.X and the world. X often writes about whatever’s going on in her head at the time. When she wrote Why ? she was in a relationship that she constantly had conflicting feelings about. Shan says she wrote the song in three phases and different time periods about the situation. The first phase was her realizing how she wanted her relationship to change and what she wanted from her man. The second phase was about her coming to terms with the fact that she is an independent woman and a boss ass bitch and she doesn’t need anyone but herself. Shan says the last phase was about β€œI dont know its just a bunch of conflicting emotions I have towards people and him and myself so I talked about how like bitches ain’t shit how people want to be happy but they don't want to do what makes them happy.” Shan.X Music.

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