Yer Not Wrong- Sham Chewali

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Sham Chewali- Yer Not Wrong

Sham Chewali delivers an enchanting treat with his new single Yer Not Wrong. The track seamlessly marries elements of traditional folk and alt rock, creating an experimental and intriguing sound.

Opening with melodic guitar and smooth harmonies the song builds energy, culminating in a stunning guitar solo. Yer Not Wrong is bought to life through the slick production, cementing the tracks magnificence.

Sham’s music beautifully reflects his roots growing up in Bury in Lancashire and the many years spent playing the venues of Manchester. Yer Not Wrong captures the distinct sound that comes with the territory, reminding us once more the might of the Northern music scene.

Sham breaks down the barriers of being confined to a single genre, instead offering a multi-layered and authentic sound which has been compared to musical geniuses, the likes of Guy Garvey, Nick Cave and Richard Hawley.
Sham Chewali Music.

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